Cloud Implementation

Most of the organizations have already planned or embarked on a Cloud first approach. There is a realization that Cloud is not just about the Cost savings but also about Scalability, Elasticity and Ubiquitous nature required for Customer centric applications. Today Cloud provides a vast number of Security services which ensures a robust protection of Technology and Data assets even more over an On premise infrastructure. Tackling the Cloud ecosystem is a necessity but needs a well planned and incremental approach to limit the risks and get the most out of the innovation.

Our approach

Consult : Assess the current state of Technology and Infrastructure assets and compare with the Industry direction to prepare a strategy for the Cloud First approach

Coach : Recommend Change, People and Risk management guidelines towards adoption of Cloud ecosystem

Create : Implement the right Cloud infrastructure from options like Hybrid, Private and Public Cloud. Create an enterpise framework for new Cloud native applications and re-engineer existing applications in phases to get the most out of the Cloud ecosystem

Why is TransformHub the right Cloud Implementation partner for you?

Enterprise Cloud native reference architecture for Applications, Integrations and Data Assets

Objective evaluation, customized assessment and scoring from choice of Hybrid, Private, Public or Multi Cloud options and providers

Assess and recommend Pilot applications for the Cloud adoption

Revised Architecture and Agile implementation of the selected Pilot applications without impact to BAU

Set up, migration and deployment of the Cloud native pilot applications on the selected Cloud model

What customers achieved with
TransformHub Cloud Implementation practice?

Industry best practices, latest tools and techniques
AWS Certified Solutions Architecture
Cost Optimization tools and processes

TransformHub Technology Stack

Case Studies & Insights

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