The modern era of communications spans multiple touch points. Consumers have become more demanding and aspire for a personalized service and experiences. This calls for an omni-channel strategy with higher penetration. While they devote more screen time than before, customers want to choose the time as well as the platform. Not surprising then, those in the communications and media business are seeking intuitive, multiscreen solutions. Custom OTT application development, video ingestion and publishing are areas that therefore need immediate attention.

TransformHub helps clients understand their customers better with the help of AI, RPA, Blockchain, Big Data and Video Analytics. They also get useful insights that help them curate content that’s not just personalized but rich and intuitive. We help them build a business model that helps them strike a balance between traditional and digital while staying on top of their game in a world of continuous disruption.

Who We Serve?

Communication Service

We help communication service providers meet customer expectations in cost-effective ways by streamlining processes, integrating RPA tools and deploying reusable solutions driven by end-to-end orchestration.

Telecom Equipment Manufacturers

We facilitate telecom equipment manufacturers with intelligent automation solutions equipped with built-in cognitive capabilities to improve network accuracy & security, reinvent customer experiences and simplify complex business process functions.

Independent Software

We help independent software vendors accelerate product implementation and rollouts and achieve competitive edge using our tools, accelerators and support.

How can we engage?

We like to start with a conversation to learn where you are on your journey and what level of support might work best for you and your organisation.