Data Analytics as a service

How would a Business learn about Customer choices, experience, purchase and fulfillment behavior if the Data is not captured at all touch points and processed to visualize the details ? The more an organization sells online, the further it distances from it’s Customer. This distance can be reduced through the application of Data engineering to better understand and predict Customer needs and experience.

Our approach

Consult : Analyze different touch points, data sources, quality and correlation of Data across different Products and Systems

Coach : Groom Customer product and application teams to align on the possibilities and benefits of Data analytics

Create : Create a data analytics framework to ingest, correlate, model and visualize diverse data points across channels, systems, marketing and operations

Why is TransformHub the right Data Analytics as a Service partner for you?

Reusable data analytics framework including ingestion, processing, correlation and visualization

AI capabilities for Facial recognition, Biometric, Natural language processing and Conversational Bots

Web and Mobile based frontend to analyze, view and predict behavior out of Data Lake

Machine Learning capabilities for training, validation and modeling of Data

Advanced analytics like Neural network and self learning capabilities

What customers achieved with
TransformHub Data Analytics as a Service practice?

Meaningful & Actionable Insights
Optimizing & Improving the Customer Experience
Operational Efficiency

TransformHub Technology Stack

Case Studies & Insights

Looking for complete Insights into your multi-layered data?