Education Industry

From digital classrooms to adaptive learning platforms, the landscape is changing for the education sector too thanks to automation. In fact, AI and machine learning have ushered in a new era of innovation in the education sector. Students are now looking for customization while availing the benefits of instructor-led classrooms. Intelligent tutoring is fast becoming rampant and is replacing remedial courses in a big way. Tedious paperwork is being eliminated with automation which is dominating every sphere from managing admissions and scheduling meetings to course registrations and attendance management.

TransformHub offers advanced Robotic Process Automation or RPA tools to the education industry to reduce cost and increase compliance. The solutions offered help remotely monitor, schedule, control and execute tasks effortlessly. Not to mention, the superlative customer experience these high quality services bring along.

Who We Serve?


We help schools automate by integrating tools and solutions with pre-existing methods of managing tasks for greater administrative efficiency and tangible returns in a more productive learning environment.

Higher Education

We help combine human intelligence and machine intelligence in more exciting ways to eliminate inefficiencies and deliver a better student journey.


Our automation tools help reduce cost of developing course material while reducing development time ensuring eLearning companies are able to roll out more courses any given time.

How can we engage?

We like to start with a conversation to learn where you are on your journey and what level of support might work best for you and your organisation.