Enterprise Application Development

Implementing a great user experience for selling Products and services online is important to keep the customer engagement high. Development of responsive designs and applications which function seamlessly on Web and Mobile ensures seamless and consistent customer experience. Be it Web,Mobile or APIs to expose a Business, all the channels need to interact with the same internal systems and services. Enterprise application development is the right approach to promote reusability, multi channel support, scalable and high integration systems with multiple Backend systems.

Our approach

Consult : Analyze the channel and integration assets to craft the right approach in building an Omnichannel and reusable architecture

Coach : Ensure application teams have the right mindset to Quality and Automation when it comes to building cross functional applications

Create : Establish a lossely coupled and integrated channel and service assets with a comprehensive Testing of Functionality, Performance, Security and Reusability

Why is TransformHub the right Enterprise Application Development partner for you?

Application Design and Development to enable omnichannel experience on Web, Mobile, Tab and Partner channels

Reusable software libraries for authentication, authorization, entitlements, log processing and error management

Comprehensive Quality assurance by the use of Automation for functional and non functional testing

DevOps stack to automate build, test and deploy stages to increase agility and reduce human errors

Comprehensive Day 2 Operational tools for insights, troubleshooting and discovery of bottlenecks

What customers achieved with
TransformHub Enterprise Application Development practice?

Industry best practices, latest tools and techniques
Enterprise level architecture
DevOps led delivery

TransformHub Technology Stack

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