In a day and age where insurance companies use the cloud to address customer needs and business risks, the shift is clearly in favor of cloud-based solutions and customer-faced technology. They need time to build and enhance customer relationships while maintaining their hold on team collaborations and process innovations. While mobilising their business, it becomes imperative for them keep a tab on resources while scaling up in the face of unprecedented disruption.

TransformHub as a dynamic technology partner digitizes the value chain to help them evolve and achieve their business goals. Automation is quite the game changer in the insurance sector for transforming customer experiences while managing everything from claims processing and underwriting to policy management and regulatory compliance. Through solutions that can be easily integrated with legacy applications, TransformHub helps the insurance industry build scalable automation programs effectively.

Who We Serve?

Property & Casualty

We help P&C insurers enhance their automation capabilities across the value chain to expedite processes, bolster customer-centricity, reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.


We offer life insurance companies myriad solutions in digital technology to automate key processes to achieve higher efficiencies, reduce operating costs, manage risks and drive growth.


We bring intelligent automation solutions to the fore for health insurance companies to help them perform information-intensive processes with ease while addressing critical claims and enhancing customer experiences.

How can we engage?

We like to start with a conversation to learn where you are on your journey and what level of support might work best for you and your organisation.