Product Engineering

Managing monolithic channels, applications and systems is expensive and lacks agility which erodes the competitive advantage. Right approach is to create modular products with each having its own Lifecycle, Customer experience and Data. Moulding Business with a Customer and a Product mindset is what helps Businesses scale in an intelligent way.

Our approach

Consult : Assess current state of product engineering, channels, challenges and opportunities related to an Industry and a Business in particular

Coach : Partner with Customer’s Product and Application teams to create and prioritize a modular business aligned Product roadmap

Create : Build domain driven Product offerings, open integrations with ecosystems in an Agile approach to ensure a High Quality and Stable Product

Why is TransformHub the right Product Engineering partner for you?

Modular and feature rich
Product roadmap

Product MVP and Incremental Development

API enabled features and integrations with ecosystem partners

Feature rich UX and Frontend for Customers, Administration and Operations usage

Data Driven Insights

What customers achieved with
TransformHub Product Engineering practice?

MVP Approach
Central Product Platform
Extended and flexible resources for lean processes and frugal core team

TransformHub Technology Stack

Case Studies & Insights

An innovative approach to Product Engineering. Talk to our experts to know more